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      AADYNTECH is a global supplier of high-performance, high-quality LED fixtures for the film, television and entertainment industries. Our PUNCH, JR, and JAB series of fixtures are the brightest in their class and come with specially designed holographic lenses. With any of these lenses attached, AAdyn fixtures provide single source lighting, eliminating multiple shadows.
      These revolutionary lights are flicker free and run cool to the touch with very low current draw, resulting in up to 90% savings in energy costs.
      From the powerful Punch Plus and JAB Daylight to tge IP65 rated Hurricanes and JAB V2 Variable, there is an AAdynTech LED fixture to meet any creative, technical, or environmental challenge. New for 2016, our Punch Plus and JAB series are now 30 to 50 percent brighter
      while using the same low power consumption.
      All of AAdynTech’s products are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States using CREE LEDS and have illuminated the most prestigious events, such as the London & Sochi Olympics, U.S. Open Tennis, Daytime Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, Antique Roadshow, Major League Baseball World Series, NFL Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup Soccer, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, NCAA Final Four, PGA Golf Tournaments and daily news coverage for all the major television networks. Feature films include: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ride Along, Need for Speed, Furious 7 and many others.

    • Aladdin
    • Chimera
    • CineRider
    • CVW
    • DOP Choice
    • EXALUX
    • Fiilex
    • FOMEX

      Korean manufacturer of strobes, flash systems, power packs, reflectors, softboxes, bags, umbrellas, tungsten lights, light stands and camera stands.

    • FXLION
      Batteries and power accessories for cameras, monitors and lights

      Beijing based FXlion Electronic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional lithium ion batteries and chargers for LED
      lights and professional cameras for the broadcast industry.
      Established in 1997, our operation and management team now has over 20 years experience in manufacturing
      lithium-ion batteries for the broadcast industry. Our Research and Development team guarantees high quality
      and service throughout our line and proudly delivers strict quality control on its products with approvals such as
      ISO9001:2015 and CE, TUV, KC, BIS certification.
      FXlion Battery has been a leader for years in P.R. China in its broadcast domestic market with good reputation
      throughout filmmakers and videographers. In addition, filmmakers and videographers are using our batteries and
      chargers in Europe, USA and Asia markets with great success.
      We have an extensive line of products ranging from lithium-ion batteries, chargers, high power lithium battery packs
      and customized products for video equipment.And now, with the growing use of LED lighting in the broadcast and
      photography industries, FXlion has developed lithium-ion battery solutions to work ideally for these applications,
      including professional cameras.
    • K 5600
    • KUPO
    • Ledgo
      LEDGO Technology Limited has been committed to develop new products to meet demands of videographers and broadcasters. Our product line includes LED Video lights, LED studio lights and professional video accessories. The rigorous and scientific design and excellent product quality is adhering to the principle of LEDGO, thanks to our professional engineer team’s hard work and accurate understanding of industry development. It also ensures that we can offer the most professional and reliable products and equipment for the industry. LEDGO will be always tracing the development of new light source technology, and engaged in research of the practical application of new technology in the industry. The constant investment and research in this field keep us strong innovation capability and new product development capability.
    • Light&Motion
    • MHG

      LED fresnels and panels lights

    • NANLUX
    • Nisi

      NiSi Filters offer a complete square filter system, perfect for Landscape photographers looking for a high quality and easy to use system.  NiSi Square Filter Systems are available in 70mm for compacts and mirrorless, 100mm for most wide angle lenses with standard filter threads, 150mm size for popular wide angle lenses including Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 and 180mm size for the ultra wide angle lenses including Canon 11-24mm f/4L.

      All NiSi square filters are Nano coated and offer true to life colour through our IR technology.  NiSi Filters are low reflection, are made from high definition Optical glass and offers double sided water proofing.  By using neutral density filters the camera is vulnerable to infrared light which will cast the unwanted red colour to images. NiSi Filters have an added infrared protection coating layer to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the True to Life Colour.


      PILOTCINE is the European brand for PILOTFLY led lights


      Lightweight LED lightning system for your filming sets and digital shots.

    • Prêt à Tourner
    • SENNA
    • UPRTEK
    • VAXIS
    • Velvet Light
    • VideoRider
    • Yuji
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