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Christophe Persoz et le Bi-flex d'Aladdin

Christophe Persoz et le Bi-flex d'Aladdin

"Dear all,
I spent a month using Aladdin Bi-flex in two projects: a TV series filmed in Switzerland (Ladies Happy Hours, Ep 2 to 5) and a short movie filmed on location in Azemmour, Morroco.
On these two projects we used Aladdin Bi-Flex 90% of the time, as a key light or for aesthetic light effects on walls, as fill, for back light, etc.
First of all, the Bi-Flex is an incredibly versatile solution for gaffer and cinematographers, and it was the case on those projects. My gaffers who did not know the product felt in love with it. We used the panels all the time, on stand, taped on walls, in cars with different kind of grip, etc. flat or in curved shape, it’s a truly amazing product. Thank you so much for that !
More precisely, on the TV series, I worked mainly in a bar where I used two Aladdin Bi-Flex with DOP Choice XL pancake as main light above the tables. They provided a nice soft light for the main characters, five girls. In complement, I used tungsten lights (backlight / hair light, soft fill). I set the panels at 3200K and everything matched perfectly. The picture captured by the Sony FS-7 in S-Log2 are great. For the rest of the series I filmed in different locations and I used the Bi-Flex mostly as keylight. Sometimes to reproduce sodium light (with gel on it), or to illuminate location and/or actors. Most of the time one of the Bi-Flex was equipped with a standard diffusion or with a Chimera XS bank. I tried this assembly and it worked perfectly. The source become larger and the reflector inside the Chimera offers you the maximum light available.
On the short film, the Bi-Flex were mainly used to illuminate locations and talents, as top light, on walls, with or without chimera. Here again, my gaffer adopted them immediately, and most of the time we kept Kinoflo banks in the truck. We used them with some gels, in mixed temperatures, without any issues. This film was captured on an ARRI Alexa+, and the images in Log-C are gorgeous, without any color shifts.
In both projects, we saved a lot of time thanks to the Bi-Flex.
I’m currently starting a documentary for France Television and for sure I will use Bi-Flex again on this project."

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