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NISI Hard vs Soft vs Reverse

NISI Hard vs Soft vs Reverse

Hard vs Soft vs Reverse

GND Filters or Graduated Neutral Density Filters are available in Hard, Soft and Reverse.

Cameras see the world differently in comparison with the perception of human eye. The light sensation of the human eye is much stronger and we can easily see light and dark areas clearly. However the light sensitisation of our cameras is much weaker. Cameras cannot expose the details of extremely low light and dark scenes at the same time. In order to avoid the loss of any detail (in the lights or the darks), photographers use GND Filters to reduce the exposure of the bright parts, which can balance the bright and dark parts of a scene.

Hard GND Filter

Usually defined by a obvious boundary between the bright and dark area of the scene. They are therefore used when the separation between the bright and the dark areas of the scene is very defined, such as the horizon line or the boundary between sea level and the sky.

NiSi Soft Filter

Soft GND Filter

Usually defined by no obvious transition between the bright and dark area of the scene. Soft GNDs are therefore used where the transition between light and dark areas is not so clear. An example is a shot in a mountainous area, or trees etc.


Why choose NiSi GND Filters?

High Definition

NiSi filters are made from fine annealed optical glass H-K9L. Optical grinding and polishing on both sides ensure the high definition of the glass. Other filter brands use resin which can deform in high and low temperatures which will effect the clarity.

Ultra low colour cast

NiSi has developed a gradual nano coating which allows ultra violet to near inferred light to pass through the glass evenly. When this type of light passes through the glass evenly it has no colour cast.


NiSi filters have a double sided anti-reflective coating reducing any reflection that may appear when using the filters. NiSi filters also have a waterproof, oil repellant and hardened coating making the filters easier to clean.

Anti-reflection Coating Example

NiSi Anti Reflective example

Left: Lee Bigstopper ND1000 and Right: NiSi IR ND1000

The reflection on the left is a highly reflective and on the right NiSi IR ND1000 has a ultra low refection.

NiSi GND Filters Combinaisons (Style / Density / Size)

Leatherette pouch included for storage and transport

NISI Filter Cases

The NiSi Seven Slot Filter Case is designed to protect your cinema filters from any damage or debris. This sleek, vinyl case features seven padded compartments with the embossed “NiSi” logo out front. A secure magnetic flap keeps all of the filters in place without the need of a clasping mechanism. This beautiful, cognac brown case is designed to be durable enough to handle the rigors of the professional shoot, but compact enough to not take up precious space. All lenses are sold separately.
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