Evoke 900C : New product at Innport

20 April 2023

by Astrée Cadio

NanLux brand has just launched its LED color projector: the Evoke 900C. This 940 W projector is equipped with RGBLAC LED technology for a full spectrum of light and can go from 1800 K to 20,000 K in CCT mode. A projector that aims to revolutionize lighting in film and virtual productions. Focus on the possibilities that the Evoke 900C offers.


RGBLAC technology


A 900W RGBLAC (RGB, lime, amber, cyan) projector, it offers a wider light spectrum than RGBWW LED projectors.

Unlike other projectors, the Nanlux Evoke 900C does not use white LEDs. Instead, all the LEDs of different colors are mixed together to produce white light.

The advantage of RGBACL over RGBWW is that it is able to offer a wider range of color variation and produce more saturated colors with higher efficiency. RGBWW lighting tends to have trouble creating saturated colors such as yellow and does not always have as high an output.

Evoke 900C : RGBLAC spotlight, Credits : Innport

Compatibility of NL mount accessories


Nanlux wanted to facilitate the accessibility of their projector by allowing it to be compatible with the accessories of their Evoke 1200 and 1200B.

A whole ecosystem is created around the Evoke projector range thanks to their NL Mount. Thus, it is possible to equip the new Evoke 900C with the accessories of the Evoke 1200/1200B range.

If you already own the Evoke 1200, then you do not need to buy all the accessories again. This backwards compatibility also concerns the lyres and flightcases.

Softboxes and grids from NL mount, Credits : Nanlux

Robust & Tropicalized


Nanlux offers you a product that is even more resistant than its previous products, thanks to their IP55 certification. The Evoke 900C can therefore be used in rain, snow or dusty environments without worry. You can take it everywhere with you and shoot with it at all times.

For these reasons, the Evoke 900C is a versatile and efficient projector that offers many possibilities and meets the needs of professionals in the industry.

Un projecteur totalement résistant à la pluie, Crédits : Nanlux

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