Sumomax, Aladdin Mosaic, FXLion B-Mount Battery,
the new products of summer 2022

27 June 2022

by Stéphane Parra

Sumomax, the new revolution from Germany


The products of the German manufacturer SUMOLIGHT arrive in France and it is the occasion to present you the new flagship device of the brand, the SUMOMAX. With a hexagonal design inspired by its little brother the SUMOSPACE+, the SUMOMAX is designed for versatility. Capable of lighting your shoots in keylight, hardlight, punchlight, spacelight and even softlight, this fixture is among the best on the market today. Focus on the new UFO of the German manufacturer.


SUMOLIGHT is known for creating particularly original LED equipment. The SUMOMAX is no exception to the rule. This powerful 700W luminaire knows how to stand out, beyond its design, it impresses by its characteristics. It is fully RGB and also offers color temperatures between 1,800 and 15,000K! DMX/RDM, Ethernet and Wi-Fi controllable, the SUMOMAX is also IP65 (dust and water resistant) for outdoor use.

The new Sumomax, Crédits : Sumolight

With its hexagonal design, it is impossible to go unnoticed. Beyond the visual aspect this shape actually hides infinite possibilities since it is possible to connect the fixtures together. This system, the SUMOSNAP™ is the distinctive mark of the German manufacturer. As with the SUMOSPACE+, the purpose of this design is to be able to connect multiple honeycomb units.


The combination of 3 devices is then called Super 3 and the combination of 7 (i.e., all the way around a luminaire) Super 7. This feature will allow you to create a more powerful luminaire equivalent to a 9K output or even a wall of LEDs.

The Super 7 layout, Crédits : Sumolight

As the SUMOMAX is matrixable, you can control this wall to display the pattern of your choice on each unit. It can also reproduce a video stream, and will find its place in the latest generation of VFX installations. To go further and for even more creativity it is possible to control independently the 19 cells of the luminaire for more control in the shapes you want to display. By combining the SUMOMAX in Super 7, the pixels blend well into the mass for a stunning result. With a built-in VFX library, you will be able to create effects for all your situations in no time.


Another feature of its design, the SUMOMAX includes lens plates that can be mounted directly on the device ("swoptic") capable of redirecting the light beam. Several versions are available in 30, 60 or 120°. It is even possible to combine them for more possibilities, such as a concentrated beam in the middle and a more diffuse light on the edges.

Passive cooling system, Crédits : Sumolight

The SUMOMAX has the same cooling system as the SUMOSPACE. The rods at the back of the device that you can see above are also an innovation of the German brand which allows a passive and totally silent cooling.


Who is the SUMOMAX intended for? Studios and film sets, VFX studios are the main target of this solution but the brand also wants to seduce individual filmmakers. Beyond the film industry, this device could also be of interest to the world of events and entertainment thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by its 19 matrixable pixels and its integrated effects.



Mosaic, the new RGBWW range from Aladdin


Aladdin is no longer a household name. Known worldwide for its flexible panels, the manufacturer has decided to expand its RGBWW range with its new Mosaic line. This one is declined in several versions: 2X4, for a power of 350W and the models 4X4 & 3X6 which offer a power until 600W! The Mosaics are panels composed of small LED plates (see photo below), which allows to replace them more easily in case of failure. Innport will be able to help you out without having to send the panel back to the manufacturer, which drastically reduces the downtime of the equipment. There is also a tutorial for your in-house technicians.

Mosaic 4X4, Crédits : Stéphane Parra, innport

For the design of its new panels Aladdin relies on new materials. The result is a solid finish for a product that will last over time. The Mosaics are mounted on lightweight metal frames to which you can attach a diffuser fabric to create a softbox and add a honeycomb grid to focus the beam. The kits available include all of these accessories, but you can also choose from other manufacturers such as DopChoice.



A new collection of accessories is available for the Mosaic range (power supplies, dimmers, etc). Note that it is possible to control the panels with the Aladdin application (in addition to DMX/Lumenradio). All you need to do is download the application and connect your Mosaic via Bluetooth to control it remotely.

Aladdin « AllInApp » for remote control, Crédits : Stéphane Parra, innport

Another new product from Aladdin is the ALL-IN-LINE panel. Released at the same time as the Mosaic range, this panel is the continuation of the ALL-IN range.


FXLION unveils its first B-Mount battery

The first FxLion B-Mount battery, Crédits : FxLion

Industry standards continue to evolve, as in the case of ARRI® cameras, which can now shoot in 4.5K ARRIRAW, uncompressed at 150 frames per second. On the other hand, cameras need more power. That's why FXLion has created its first B-Mount battery, which allows you to power your equipment with 24V.


We're talking about 24V devices, so why does the battery read 28.8V? It's quite normal, it's because Lithium-ion batteries use eight 3.6V cells in series.


The B-Mount has also been designed to have a robust mounting system. You can grab the camera by the battery, it will not move. To detach it, one hand is enough thanks to its quick release system.


Cross-compatible, you can use this battery to power your camera but also for your LED lighting equipment. Accompanying the release of the new ARRI® Alexa 35, this battery is likely to rise to the top of the sales charts in the days to come!

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