The new 0 emission generators, eco-friendly and made in France.

31 May 2022

by Stéphane Parra

5 times less polluting than a thermal generator*, these energy solutions allow productions to reduce their carbon impact.

You may have seen them at the INNPORT booth at the Micro-Salon, the Powerbanks from the French brand PESS Energy are already making a big splash.  Powerful enough to power all your electrical equipment, they are also ecological, mobile, silent and of a quality certified to European standards. Zoom on these revolutionary solutions.


The man behind the project

The project was born from the imagination of a Frenchman, Rémi Pillot, founder of PESS Energy. A mechanical engineer, he began his career working for major automotive groups on electric and hybrid vehicle projects, then in the aeronautics sector.

In 2008, he launched his first start-up with the aim of converting vintage vehicles into electric vehicles thanks to second life batteries. With this experience, he created a 100% electric van, equipped with a solar trailer that allowed him to make a 5000 km tour of France in energy autonomy.

Thanks to all these experiences, the project was born to create a mobile & clean energy production and storage solution as an alternative to the particularly polluting thermal generators. PESS Energy was created and two superheroes were born: WATTMAN and BOBINE.

Compact, mobile and powerful


Many of you came to the Innport booth at the Micro-Salon to discover these new products. Compact, mobile and able to supply all your equipment with 230V, the two Powerbanks supplied several stands of the event with energy.

© Stéphane Parra, innport. The two powerbanks at the micro-salon.

Armed with these two powerbanks, you will be able to count on a power of 10 000 Wh - 6000 W for Wattman and up to 5000 Wh - 3000 W for its ally Bobine. This represents respectively up to 20 hours and 10 hours of autonomy (for a use of 500W), enough to feed your shooting sessions without interruption. For a total independence, you can also complete with our flexible solar panel kits that can be easily deployed.

Thanks to its fast charging system, you can also use the powerbanks several times a day and recharge them during lunch for example.

Sturdiness and repairability have been particularly taken care of, for an intensive use: aluminum frame, all-terrain wheels, battery heating system for a use when temperatures drop...

The powerbanks are repaired as close as possible to their place of use, for an optimal availability.

The design is also at the rendezvous with a refined and elegant style that does not neglect the practical side. The powerbanks are particularly easy to move and transport thanks to their wheels & retractable handlebars and their very small footprint. Their excellent energy density positions them as leaders.


Safety first

Using the latest generation of electric car batteries, tested for shocks and vibrations, safety is assured. Controlled by an intelligent system and equipped with numerous parallel safety devices, Powerbanks offer optimal safety for intense use, anywhere!

The Powerbanks comply with the regulations prohibiting thermal units and are CE certified (LV and EMC). The internal equipment is also patented.

© Stéphane Parra, innport. The LCD screen at the back.

Decarbonization of filming

Ecoprod is a reference for audiovisual companies committed to an eco-responsible approach. Thanks to its innovative solution and its responsible company management, Pess Energy was awarded the Ecoprod label last April. These solutions contribute to the decarbonization of audiovisual production, replacing/alternating the use of highly polluting thermal generators.

The advantages are numerous and meet the challenges of the ecological transition:

Reduction of greenhouse gases

- No CO2* emissions

Air quality

- No emission* of particles, NOX, POP ...

Reduction of waste

- No maintenance (oil, filter...)

- Durable and repairable products

- Reuse of second life batteries

- Recycling of batteries at end of life

Development of clean energy

- Production of renewable photovoltaic energy

Responsible manufacturing

- Designed, assembled and maintained in France

- Local subcontractors

- Integration of disabled workers (ESAT)

Autonomy and energy sovereignty

- Production and use of energy anywhere


* The following study compares the Wattman's CO2 emissions to a thermal generator of the same power, taking into account its entire life cycle: manufacturing, use and recycling. The result is obvious, the emissions of the generator follow an exponential trend. After 5 years, it emits 5 times more CO2 than the Wattman.

© pess energy. Comparative study of the ecological impact of Wattman/Thermal group

PESS Energy wants to go further. Their goal is to create a virtuous circle by giving at least 3 lives to its batteries. Wattman and Bobine require new batteries with exceptional energy density. Once their capacity has been reduced to 80% (after 2000 cycles, i.e. about 10 years), these batteries are recovered to be used on larger stationary equipment to give them a second life. Finally, when they approach 60% of their capacity, the batteries are dismantled to recover the metals and reuse them to create new products. The loop is closed.


With its values, the CSR approach is resolutely committed. This virtuous circle creates a circular economy involving several partners and stakeholders. The idea is to use local companies as much as possible to encourage mutual aid, the local economy and to limit transport. PESS also works with ESAT organizations to promote the integration of disabled people into the professional world.



The InfiniT and the new products to come...


Attentive to the needs of its customers, innovation is at the heart of PESS' strategy.

In preview on the Innport stand: the InfiniT solution, allowing several powerbanks to work in teams by connecting them. This will allow you to power your devices continuously without any interruption, an infinite autonomy! The beginning of the commercialization should not delay any more, Innport will keep you informed.

© Stéphane Parra, innport. Rémi Pillot and the InfiniT.

All Pess Energy products are at Innport

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