Based in Beijing, FXLion is a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and professional chargers for the film and broadcast industry.

Founded in 1997, the brand now has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for the industry. FxLion offers high quality and durable products and ensures strict quality control within the production process. 

Their products are used worldwide and have a good reputation among industry professionals. 

Their wide range of products, from V-Mount batteries to chargers and high power battery packs, is constantly being developed to meet the needs of users. 

Finally, they are always looking to meet the demands of tomorrow's new technologies.

What's new at FxLion? ⚡

> (06/14) FxLion reveal its new B-Mount battery (BM-HV300), which can supply all your fixtures with 28.8V. Moreover a 2 channels & a 4 channels chargers are available to recharge your B-Mount batteries.


The industry is evolving towards new standards.

Discover the new B-Mount Battery.

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