The AFC stands for the French Association of Cinematographic Directors of Photography.

This association gathers most of the French directors of photography present in French and foreign productions, as can be seen from the many films that have won awards at international festivals.

This collaboration between users, suppliers and institutions makes it possible to defend the existence of a quality cinematographic image, but also to test new techniques.

The acronym CST stands for "Commission Supérieure et Technique de l'image et du son". 

It is a non-profit organisation funded mainly by the "Centre National du Cinéma et de l'imagerie animée" (CNC).

The values and missions of this structure are the following

- The sharing of good practices within the profession

- Technical support for professionals

- The House of Film and Audiovisual Associations

The "Union des Chefs Opérateurs" is a non-profit association founded by the desire to share a passion for audio visuals. 

Initially a place of exchange, the Union des Chefs Opérateurs is now a fully-fledged figure in the French film industry.

It is an institution that allows a dialogue between professionals of the sector and equipment suppliers, which is essential to continue to evolve in this field.

The AEC is the Spanish Association of Cinematographers.

Founded in 1993, this organisation is composed today of more than 150 active members, all of whom aim to raise cinema to a higher level.

Every year a "MicroSalon" is organised, which allows many international professionals to meet and exchange ideas. An essential event in the film art world.

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