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    FIILEX - Q8 Color with barndoors and Lumen Radio

    FIILEX - Q8 Color with barndoors and Lumen Radio

    Q8 Color Lumen Radio, 320W (with PSU and Barndoor)
    12°-62°, IP-X5, DC 48V XLR3, DMX XLR5, USB out 5V/1A
    Size (L x W x H) 13.6” x 12.7” x 19.6” / 34.7cm x 32.3cm x 49.9cm
    Weight Fixture: 17 lbs / 7.7kg (includes yoke) | Power adapter: 4.8lbs / 2.2kg

    (ex. FLXQ8CLRLR-Z)

    Package content :
    1x Q8 COLOR w/ LumenRadio Head & Yoke
    1x Power supply
    1x Q8 Color Travel 8 Leaf Barndoor
    VAT excluded


    Contenu du package :

    • 1 Q8 Color projector
    • 1 Shutter frame size IV
    • 1 Power supply

    The Q8 Color is a 320W 8" LED Fresnel projector that generates high quality colour light. This product uses the latest iteration of Fiilex's Dense Matrix LED technology to provide superior colour fidelity and optical versatility to previous generations of LEDs. With an extremely wide spot/flux range, smooth dimming down to 0%, no flicker and high CRI, the Q8 Color combines the extensive functionality of premium RGBW LEDs with the performance of a tungsten Fresnel. The projector now features Lumen Radio.

    Specifications :

    Fresnel lens diameter: 8 inches
    Beam angle: 12°-62
    CCT range: 2000-10000K infinitely variable + magenta/green shift
    CRI: 95
    TLCI: 90
    Control modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, Gels, Effects, CCTRGBW, CCTHSI, CIExy, ICTHS, Lumen Radio
    Dimming: 100 - 0% flicker free
    Dimming modes: soft, fine
    Light source: 1x 300W DiCon Dense Matrix LED
    Power consumption: 320W max AC | 300W max DC
    DC input: 48V DC
    AC input: 100 - 240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz
    Power port: XLR-3
    DMX port: XLR-5
    Weight: Unit and bracket: 17lbs / 7.7kg | Power adapter: 4.8lbs / 2.2kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 35.3 cm x 32.3 cm x 50.3 cm / 13.8" x 12.7" x 19.8".
    Mounting type: Combo (baby stud female / junior stud male)
    IP rating: IP-X5 (water resistant)
    Thermal design: Aluminium extrusion cooling system with fan
    Operating temperature: 0-40ºC / 32-104ºF
    Type de LED
    Température de couleur
    LED Angle
    Fresnel Power
    Correction HUE
    Indice IP
    Etanche à la poussière et à la pluie
    Power Max
    200 à 399W

    In 2001, DiCon Fiberoptics. Inc, a leader in Photonics, recognized the potential of LED Technology to revolution the lighting industry. They gave their engineers the difficulty task of designing and manufacturing a best in class LED. It had to be bright while maintaining a high quality of light, it had to effectively disperse heat, be as small as possible, and be color tunable. After 7 years of dedicated research and experimentation, DiCon created and patented the Dense Matrix LED. 

    The Dense Matrix LED, allows for more LEDs closer together on a single array. This allows for all the chips to emit through a single lens, making for an effective point source light, that creates a single shadow. The array consists of multichannel LED's which gives the ability to color tune the light. 

    In 2013 the Fiilex brand was created to bring the power of the Dense Matrix LED to the Film/Broadcasting/ Photography industries. Since its start, Fiilex has won major contracts in the North American broadcast market, established a wide dealer network around the world and is one of the newest and most sought after lighting brands in the market.


    • Jan 2013 Fiilex is Launched
    • Dec 2013 The Fiilex P180E Wins a Government Video "Salute" Award
    • Feb 2014 The Fiilex P180E and P360 win Resource Magazine's "Onion Award"
    • July 2014 The Q500 wins "Lighting Innovation" Award from Cine Gear Expo
    • July 2014 The P360EX wins best "Continuous Lighting System" in the "Hot One" Awards from Professional Photographer Magazine.

    Apr 25
    X-Class Kits are here
    Shipping June 1st
    Apr 21
    Fiilex Expands P360 Portable LED Family with Pro and Pro Plus Models
    The P360 Pro Plus and the P360 Pro featuring the latest edition of Fiilex's Dense Matrix LED making it 10% brighter than its predecessor.

    Apr 4
    Fiilex Releases the Matrix Light, a New Panel-Style LED Fixture
    The Matrix shifts the paradigm of LED lighting by combining the breadth and diffusion of a panel with the throw and controllability of a point-source.

    Sep 21
    Fiilex Releases the S282/S284 All-Weather Mini Interview Kits
    The S282 and S284 give videographers the freedom and control at any location to get the perfect shot.
    Apr 09
    Fiilex Releases the K201 and K202 Two Light Interview Kits
    The K201 and K202 are economic, lightweight travel kits that offer two P360s or two P360EXs.
    Apr 08
    Fiilex Releases the K303 and K304 Three Light Fresnel Kits
    The K303 and K304 kits use three P2Q Converters to provide an unmatched blend of power and portability.
    Apr 07
    Fiilex Releases the New Flagship of the Q-Series Lights, Q1000
    The Q1000 revolutionizes on-location work by combining intense power, exceptional light quality, enhanced weather-resistance...
    Apr 06
    Fiilex Releases the Highly-Anticipated Q500-DC
    The Q500-DC is a battery-ready, weather-resistant Fresnel LED that gives users intense light, color and hue tunability, and built-in DMX.
    Apr 02
    Pre-NAB Release DAY 1!
    The Q-Series becomes more flexible with four new accessories.
    Jan 27
    Fiilex Releases the V70 Color Viewing Lamp (Gen 2)
    The V70 is the most accurate and affordable color viewing solution for the modern workstation.


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