FXLION - D-Tap charger for 26V battery

    FXLION - 26V D-TAP Fast Charger

    FXLION - 26V D-TAP Fast Charger

    Input: 100-240V 47-63Hz
    Output: 29.4V / 5.0A
    Power Draw: 150W
    Features: only for 26V batteries!
    Dimension: 177(L)mm×77(W)mm×48(H)mm
    Weight: 610g

    Package Content :
    1 Charger
    1 Power cable
    VAT excluded

    PL-7115-B01 Mono-channel PortableV26V Li-ion Battery fast Charger ·Input: 100-240V AC 47-63Hz ·Charging Output: 29.4V/5.0A ·Dimension/Weight: 165(L)mm×80(W)mm×49.5(H)mm/650g ·Specialized charger for 26V li-ion battery BP-7S170, BP-7S230.
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