FXLION - COOL BLACK V‐mount li‐ion battery, 14.8V, 160Wh

    FXLION - V-mount li-ion battery COOL BLACK 14.8V 160Wh

    FXLION - V-mount li-ion battery COOL BLACK 14.8V 160Wh

    Capacity : 160Wh / 10,5Ah
    Power : 10A
    USB : 5V / 2A
    D-Tap : 10A
    DC output
    Dimensions : 158 × 100 × 51 mm
    Weight : 970g

    Package content :
    1 Battery

    Cool Black Battery

    The 160Wh Cool Black Battery is part of FxLion Cool Black series of V-Mount batteries. It has USB-A, D-Tap and DC inputs/outputs. The battery can be charged from either a D-Tap or DC socket. Like all our batteries, it has a built-in protection circuit. So don't worry about that. The USB-A socket is handy for charging accessories or a phone.

    A 4-level status indicator lets you know how much capacity is left. For example, if used in a cold temperature range, the power loss is around 50% for that period. The Cool Black 130Wh battery is the oldest, but it's still just as reliable as the latest models. As part of an older series of batteries, it's also the cheapest V-Mount battery.

    Capacity10.5Ah 160Wh
    Voltage14,8 V
    D-Tap In/OutputOui (1x)
    DC 2.1 Pin In/Output10 - 16.8V
    USB-A Output5,0V/2,0A
    Current10A (max.)
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