LEDGO - Daylight LED Pannel 1200 5600K ABS 2KIT+T

    LEDGO - Daylight LED Pannel 1200 5600K ABS 2KIT+T

    Power : DC 24V, 72W
    Max illuminance : Lux (manufacturer data) to
    1m / 2m / 3m : 11800 / 3600 / 1600
    Color Temperature : 5600K
    White cold : 1200

    Weight : 2.8kg

    Package content :
    2 LG-1200SC-D
    2 Filter sets
    2 AC adapters
    2 Power adapter holders
    2 Light stands
    1 Carry bag T2
    VAT excluded

    INNPORT LEDGO VALUE SERIE PANELS1200 Daylight (5600K) Dimmable LED Location / Studio Light
    Type de LED
    LED Monocolor
    Température de couleur
    LED Angle
    Between 120° and 160°
    Fresnel Power
    Power Max
    50 to 99W
    Ledgo Technology
    LEDGO Technology Limited has been committed to develop new products to meet demands of videographers and broadcasters. Our product line includes LED Video lights, LED studio lights and professional video accessories.
    The rigorous and scientific design and excellent product quality is adhering to the principle of LEDGO, thanks to our professional engineer team’s hard work and accurate understanding of industry development. It also ensures that we can offer the most professional and reliable products and equipment for the industry.

    LEDGO will be always tracing the development of new light source technology, and engaged in research of the practical application of new technology in the industry. The constant investment and research in this field keep us strong innovation capability and new product development capability.

    Ledgo Technology

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