NISI - 4"x5.65" Uncoated water white pure clear

    NISI CINEMA - 4"x5.65" Uncoated water white pure clear

    NISI CINEMA - 4"x5.65" Uncoated water white pure clear

    Protection against dust, water and splashes
    Material : Water white glass
    Weight : 225g

    Package Content :
    1x Filter
    1x Carrying pocket
    VAT excluded


    Clear protection filters for your lens.

    The NiSi Cinema Pure Clear optical flat filter is a clear filter designed to protect your lens. This clear filter in NiSi exclusive lens grade optical glass does not affect the exposure or image quality and helps to prevent dust, scratches and liquid splatter etc. from striking or damaging your lens.

    These filters are especially useful when shooting action sequences, pyro or bloody scenes.

    NiSi Cine filters are made of a NiSi exclusive lens grade optical glass of the highest quality so as not to lose even the smallest detail and to make them durable over time. The glass is treated with the best and most up to date techniques for multi-coating and with a special anti-scratch coating.


    Filters size

    NISI FILTERSNiSi Filters offer a complete square filter system, perfect for Landscape photographers looking for a high quality and easy to use system.  NiSi Square Filter Systems are available in 70mm for compacts and mirrorless, 100mm for most wide angle lenses with standard filter threads, 150mm size for popular wide angle lenses including Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 and 180mm size for the ultra wide angle lenses including Canon 11-24mm f/4L.

    All NiSi square filters are Nano coated and offer true to life colour through our IR technology.  NiSi Filters are low reflection, are made from high definition Optical glass and offers double sided water proofing.  By using neutral density filters the camera is vulnerable to infrared light which will cast the unwanted red colour to images. NiSi Filters have an added infrared protection coating layer to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the True to Life Colour.

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