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Originally from Sète in the south of Frace, Innport was created in 2011. Specialists in LED equipments, our goal is to assist you in each of your lighting projects.

Over time, Innport has evolved and now also offers Energy or  Transmission products, but one thing never changed : our good mood !

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Let's find the lighting that best suits you

Every project is different and requires an adapted lighting. We have assisted many studios in France and abroad and today we have acquired the experience to offer you the products that best suit your needs.

From flexible panels to powerful LED fresnels, we have a wide range of products for each of your projects. Please feel free to consult our team of experts at any time:

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+33 (0)980.749.802

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Equip your studio with the best products on the market

LEDs are the lighting of today and tomorrow. Their versatility allows us to create incredible projects. From flexible panels to HMI equivalent projectors, the possibilities are endless.

The industry and its technologies are evolving quickly. We select the best products on the market to ensure maximum reliability during your shootings.

As official resellers, our technicians have access to all the spare parts to repair your fixtuers and allow you to get back to work as soon as possible.

Recycling your lighting equipment

Innport is working with Ecosystem  to recycle your professional lighting equipment.

Waste electrical equipment is subject to specific regulations and must be properly cleaned up before being recycled.

This approach is part of a more global trend of actions for the environment.

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